Create Reveille reminders in Backpack via SMS

Recently, 37signals rolled out an update to Backpack that allows calendar events to be created with an SMS message from your mobile device. This is a pretty cool new feature for Backpack users on the go, just like us. The great news is you can use Reveille via SMS too.

How does it work?

To create a Backpack event via SMS that includes Reveille reminders, simply add the reminder hash-tags to the event description as you would if you were logged into Backpack. Here’s what it looked like when I created a few:

Creating a Backpack calendar event via SMS with Reveille reminder hashtag

You can add as many reminder hash-tags to the description as you want, but be careful to not exceed your maximum SMS message length. Once the event is created, Reveille will do the rest to create the reminders for you. They will also show up in your schedule view in Reveille as you would expect.

That’s it! SMS event creation in Backpack enhanced with the power of Reveille reminders. Thanks for using Reveille!

Learn more about Reveille.


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