Technofunk Mind Maps

Greg and I had talked a little about building a Flex app that would help you to visualize your mind map and get it out of your head faster than drawing it on say a white board. So naturally I went looking for one that already existed. I found several but one stood out as the most horrible 1 minute of my life. Beware that as soon as the video starts you’re gonna get irritated.

I hate telling folks that there software must suck but I’d guess, based on the blatant overuse of techno music, fast movements and quick dramatic sales speech, that the software needs a lot of selling to get anyone to try it. If you need all that hype you probably spent too much money on the development of the software and it probably sucks from over-engineering.

Remember simple, fast, easy, no frills software is the stuff that gets people excited. Needless to say I’m not even going to try iMindMap, it reminds me too much of an Office application. It does so much that you can’t do anything useful with it.

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